CZ Heart Ring, 14K White Gold

CZ Heart Ring, 14K White Gold

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We individually hand-set a 14k white gold heart-shaped 1 carat solitaire ring using only high quality cubic zirconia stones that are difficult to distinguish from real diamonds.

Set in a high-end, handmade designer heart ring that was originally crafted for a diamond, this high-end heart-shaped cz diamond ring is created to look like a natural, authentic diamond heart ring!

Band measures 5mm wide.

Also available as a natural, authentic diamond ring in 1/4 Carat, 1/3 Carat, 1/2 Carat, 5/8 Carat, 3/4 Carat, and 1 Carat.

Also available as a mounting/setting only if you have your own diamond you'd like to set!

Also available in two-tone gold.

Most CZ Rings are "cast" and pre-set, creating low-quality results. Our CZ Rings are hand-set to achieve the finest quality in cz rings.

We guarantee our CZ Heart Ring, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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