14K Gold Box Chain Necklaces for Pendants 

There’s nothing like a classic, traditional style 14k solid gold box chain necklace for use in pendants. The reason why we like box chain necklaces by far over and above all other gold chains when it comes for use in pendants is their simple, elegant and classic boxy design.

Rather than detracting from your gold pendant with a busy chain necklace with too much design, the tried and true gold box chain will never overpower your jewelry. That is why we recommend gold box chain necklaces over any other style of gold chain for most gold pendants.

Choosing the Right Size Box Chain

Are you shopping for a man or woman? Let’s begin with starting points—the minimum thickness level or gauge that you should choose for your gold box chain.

Ladies first. For women, we recommend a 0.7 or 0.75mm 14k solid gold box chain as a starting point. The only time that we recommend a thinner chain, such as a fine 0.5mm gold box chain is if you are looking for something particularly fine and lightweight for a smaller piece or simply because you prefer finer and more petite jewelry. The drawback to thinner chains is they can tangle more easily as well as risk breaking more readily.

With a 0.7mm thickness as the starting point, you can then choose to go up from there in width and thickness, depending on your budget, when shopping for gold pendant chains. The ideal gold box chain necklace for women, in our professional opinion, is the 0.85mm to 1mm box chain necklace. For something a little thicker, we recommend our 1.2mm box chain. Beyond that, you begin to get into men’s territory or women’s bolder, fashion statement pieces, which are also completely appropriate if you are looking for a heavier statement jewelry piece.

For Men. If you are shopping for gold box chains for men, we recommend our 0.85mm gold box chain as the bare minimum starting point. Anything thinner tends to be the domain of women and is not strong or durable enough for a man. Ideally, if budget allows, you may even want to consider a 1mm or 1.2mm as a minimum. For heavier and more substantial chains, we recommend our 1.3mm to 1.5mm. For extra heavy, we even have a 1.9mm gold box chain or a 2.5mm version as well. Anything about 2.5mm will tend to be very expensive, hard to find, and perhaps a touch too big, although we do have a 3.3mm box chain necklace if you are in the market for something extra heavy!

What Length Box Chain?

There will always be some variance when it comes to chain necklace length. The average size for most women is 18 inches and the average size for most men is 20 inches. Depending on body build, height, the thickness of your neck and desired hanging length, you may want to adjust this up or down.

Some women prefer 16 inches if they are short or petite and thin-framed and want their pendant to hang closer to the nape of their neck. Others may want a 20 inch length if they want the chain to hang slightly lower or have a larger framed body.

A lot of men will often opt for a 22 or 24 inch gold box chain necklace and others who want an extra long chain or to slip their gold necklace around their neck without removing the clasp may opt for a long 30-inch box chain. The options are endless. But for every 2 inches of chain, it will hang approximately 1 inch down your chest, since the chain is curved when worn.

If you order the wrong size from Apples of Gold Jewelry, do not worry! You can always exchange it with our easy 45-day return policy. We are always here to help and accommodate your jewelry needs and ensure that you get the right fit!

Whether you are shopping for a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold box chain, we have it available, at Apples of Gold. Reach out during business hours or email us any time of day for a quick response.

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