Simple Crosses For Men And Women 

Through the ages, men and women have worn cross necklaces and pendants to show their devotion to Christ. The appeal of gold cross necklaces lies in their deep symbolism. Often, crosses are portrayed as symbols of faith, strength, love, loyalty, trust, and hope. 

In recent years, cross necklaces have grown in popularity due to their spiritual significance and meaning, their beauty and attractiveness, versatility as a jewelry accessory, and their simple elegance. 

We have compiled a list of simple crosses for men and women to help you find the perfect Christian jewelry keepsake for yourself or your loved one.

Men’s Simple Crosses

“Say it simply and say it with strength” is the motto of this breathtaking solid gold pendant for men, set in pure 14k yellow gold. This heirloom-quality Christian pendant is ideal for Christian men who want something more solid and hefty than paper-thin, lightweight or hollow gold crosses.

Due to its polished finish on both sides and solid content through and through, you can engrave this plain cross on either side. Its heirloom quality and individually handmade nature makes it a treasure that you can pass down through generations to your children and grandchildren.

Women’s Simple Crosses

This polished gold cross is straightforward and uncomplicated, symbolizes the divine favor of God and His daily providence, and one could say its shiny gold reflects the promises of God in your heart and makes for a perfect women’s gold cross pendant. This 14k solid yellow gold cross pendant weighs around 3.7 grams, making it a quality piece with depth and weight for its size, while still retaining its feminine style. 

Such stunning pieces are also available as white gold cross pendants for women and men. This is a unique piece that will make your ensemble shine unlike any other piece of jewelry. You can also buy this cross in white gold or platinum, likely to appeal to those with a keen eye for design, who prefer a white precious metal over traditional yellow gold. 

Plain Crosses

This 14k yellow gold pendant gleams with perfection. With a total gold weight of approximately 6.33 grams, this pendant displays an exquisite blend of style and deep spirituality. It is the perfect jewelry piece for men and women who want to make a bold statement about their Christian faith. Many of our cross jewelry items are also available as 18k gold cross pendants as well as 22k gold crosses.

Measuring about 1 inch tall and ¾ inch wide, this solid gold cross pendant has a 1.5mm-thick depth, making it a high quality, substantial piece that will last through many generations. We also have a 3mm thick 14k solid gold cross pendant version of the same design.

Solid Gold Crosses

A perfect gift for a friend, a loved one, family, or even yourself, this 14k yellow gold cross pendant is designed to fit comfortably and lay perfectly on your neck. 

It weighs approx. 4.65 grams. You can also buy this cross in 18k gold, 22k gold, white gold, or as a platinum cross. You can add a matching 14k solid gold rounded curb chain necklace to fit any occasion. 

Men’s and Women’s Simple Cross Pendants

There’s nothing quite like this high-polished 14k solid gold cross pendant. Weighing approx. 2.24 grams, this mens gold cross pendant has both sides polished plain. To create a stunning look, you can pair this necklace with a 0.9 mm box chain in 14k solid gold. Excellent polish and impeccable artistry make this solid gold cross a work of art. Such crosses are also available in your 22k gold crosses collection, depending on the style or design, as we handmade our jewelry in a variety of precious metals and colors.

It is important to have a versatile pendant that can seamlessly transition from being a symbol of Christian spirituality to one of simple style. All of these jewelry pieces can do that effortlessly. This high-quality collection of simple crosses for men and women is made of authentic 14k solid gold. These long-lasting pieces of gold cross jewelry will complement your faith, and you will be able to cherish them for years to come. 

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