5 Reasons Why Wedding Bands are better than Wedding Rings 

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Hammered Wedding Band Set -14K Yellow Gold

Hammered Wedding Band Set -14K Yellow Gold

A lot of people are confused when it comes to buying a wedding ring and a wedding band. Though there isn’t any difference now, but there used to be and it still varies from place to place depending on where you live. Wedding bands and weddings rings are essentially meant for the same thing.

Historically, wedding bands were considered to be a symbol of marriage for a man while for the woman rings were chosen to mark her status as married. However, there are no such barriers now and it is more of a personal preference.

Wedding rings have a center gemstone with varying styles and designs whereas a wedding band is only a plain circle of metal without any embellished or jewel embossed on it. Wedding rings are more stuffed with gems and are heavily decorated while the bands remain simple, such as hammered wedding bands, picture above. This is why wedding bands are preferred more by men than women even though there is no gender discrimination for the rings in the modern era.

As the time passed, traditions changed and now even women can wear wedding bands as they come in different style ranges, with more adornment, details and novelty that attract women. Previously they used to be more masculine, but jewelry designers have tried their best to make them extraordinarily feminine and appealing to the female market.

1. Durable

Wedding bands as compared to wedding rings are far more durable because of the simple design. They are not as detailed as wedding rings, which require special attention and in some cases wedding rings with gemstones like emeralds require cleaning and polishing every once in a while. Wedding bands can last longer than

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band

Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band


2. Wearable

They are reliable for both men and women particularly if they choose to wear them on a daily bases. As contrast with wedding rings, bands are rough and tough in nature. No matter how much manual work you do, Irish Celtic Heart Love Knot Wedding Band can easily endure it without causing any damage whereas rings require care and attention.

3. Complementary Sets

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Set

14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Set

The major difference between bands and rings is that of complementary sets. 14K White Gold Paisley Wedding Band Set come with a complementary set. This means both the bride and groom can have a much more similar design with bands then they can have in the form of rings. If you are looking for pairs, then bands are always the best choice.

4. Inexpensive

Wedding bands like Black Titanium Paisley Filigree Ring due to their elegance and simplicity are inexpensive. Wedding bands unlike rings don’t have central adornment piece, which by the way is a lot less lighter on the wallet.

5. Goes with everything else

Black Titanium Paisley Filigree Ring

Black Titanium Paisley Filigree Ring

If you are planning to wear the bands regularly and don’t want to skip any event without it then bands are the right choice as they go with everything else. Whether you are attending a corporate event or a vacation, you can wear your wedding bands perfectly with almost anything.

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