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10 Best Selling Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Apples of Gold has close to a thousand wedding ring designs, from wedding bands to engagement rings. Here are the top 10 best sellers that our customers have repeatedly purchased over the years. These rings rarely get returned and all get positive reviews from our customers! Without further ado, here they are, in no particular order. These are simply our top 10!

Princess-Cut Three-Stone “Floret” Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is available in two sizes: 3/4 carat or 1 full carat, as well as in white gold, yellow gold (by request), or platinum. We also have a matching bridal ring wedding band to  complete the set, shown here. Crafted with antique-style flower (‘floret’, small flower), and set with three princess-cut diamonds in the center with three accompanying round diamonds on each side.

Braided White Gold Wedding Band Ring

This gorgeous stranded, woven wedding band is a classic favorite from Apples of Gold. Made in your choice of 14k, 18k, or platinum, the ring is individually handcrafted and handmade for the ultimate in fine quality and style. Available for both the bride and the groom, sold individually or as a set. The Band measures approx. 7.6mm in width and is comfort fit.

1800s Antique-Style Bridal Wedding Ring Set

By far one of the most unique rings from the Apples of Gold vintage-style collection, this diamond bridal ring set is made from an original 1800s antique piece, which one of our designers discovered out on a forage one day among antique manufacturers. This piece was being sold by contemporary jewelers in the late 18th or early 19th centuries. The designers are Apples of Gold now take the same originals and recreate these new pieces, which are an exact replica of the originals.

Engraved Paisley Wedding Band Ring

By far our best selling wedding band for both men and women, our engraved paisley wedding band has a vintage sensibility and enough subtle creativity to awe both the bride and groom on their wedding day. Sold individually or as a set, this ring is comfort fit and crafted in 14k white gold, 18k, or platinum.

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the first engagement rings from the Apples of Gold brand and still a major best seller because of its original and unique design and beauty. A single lotus-flower takes center-stage as the 14k yellow gold setting in this 14k white gold shank with floral, paisley designs and a single solitaire diamond, available from 1/4 carat to a full 1 carat diamond.

Two-Halves One Flesh Wedding Band

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” – Genesis 2:24.

The Bible has perfect advice from God: a man must leave his father and his mother and become one with his wife. A new family is formed at every wedding union and a new bond is formed in marriage. Who can argue with God’s Word? Apples of Gold’s Two-Half One Flesh Wedding Band is a perfect reflection of this passage from Scripture and a beautiful symbol of your life-long commitment to one another.

Vintage-Style Paisley Wedding Band Ring

Our vintage and paisley style jewelry is among our most popular, especially this petite handmade floral-inspired band recreated from a 19th century original design. This best seller is available in 14k white or yellow gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

 Blue Titanium Celtic Wedding Band Ring

Titanium is ever-increasing in popularity because of its high-quality attributes, uniqueness, and lightweight features. While most titanium bands today are made in China, this best seller from Apples of Gold is handcrafted in the U.S.A., like the majority of all of Apples of Gold’s wedding rings. An anodized blue and Celtic design make this titanium band particularly appealing.

Antique-Style Sapphire Bridal Wedding Ring Set

Diamonds are not the only game in town. Apples of Gold gemstone engagement rings are very popular and increasing more-so each year. This antique-style genuine sapphire gemstone bridal set is from an original 1800s design. Available with various real gemstones, such as emerald, ruby, tanzanite, garnet, topaz, and just about any jewelry gemstone available on the market today.

1 Carat Black Diamond Art Deco Bridal Ring Set

From our best-selling Art Deco collection comes a unique black diamond solitaire bridal wedding ring set. The band has floral flourishes and paisley designs. Available in 1/4 carat, 1/2 carat, or 1 carat setting in 14k white gold or sterling silver.

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