Best Selling Engagement Rings of 2013 with Infographic 

best selling engagement rings of 2013 infographic

Our best selling engagement rings of 2013 are out from in this visual infographic featuring the best selling styles and diamond rings.

2013, as years past, has been the year of vintage-inspired and antique-style diamond engagement rings.

Far surpassing all other diamond engagement ring styles from for 3-years running straight is the Antique-Style “Floret” Three-Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. It is available in two-sizes and various metals from a 0.75 carat version to a 1.16 carat version. The same design is also available in yellow gold or 18k gold or even platinum by request. It is also available as an antique-style bridal ring set.

antique-style bridal wedding ring setNext in line,’s #2 best selling diamond engagement ring of 2013 is a creative vintage-inspired design whose greatest value, aside from its aesthetically pleasing style, is the fact that the ring is re-created from original 1800s-period hubs. In other words, the bridal ring set is a replica of the original piece from the Victorian-era. See the unique replica here.

Finally, in position #3, black diamond rings have blazed a huge trend in the jewelry engagement ring industry. This Art-Deco period style from is available in 1/4 Carat, 1/2 Carat, and 1 full carat. One apparent reason, aside from the black beauty of each engagement ring is the astronomically affordable price of each ring!

1 carat black diamond ringBlack diamond rings tend to be at least a 1/3 of the price of their white diamond counterparts. Black diamonds are made using natural, authentic white diamonds that undergo a high-pressure and irradiation process that permanently transforms the color of the natural diamonds black. The same process is used to create colored diamond jewelry, such as blue, pink, or yellow diamonds that are otherwise found in nature upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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