Blue and Black Engagement Rings in Classic Settings 

blue diamond engagement bridal ring setLooking for an engagement ring that adds a unique twist of color to a classic style? Traditional designs that feature blue or black diamonds offer modern variations that are sure to retain their one-of-a-kind appeal as the years pass, while offering a little something different. Timeless styles are unquestionably chic and when they’re interpreted with diamonds in blue or black, they rise to new heights of style.

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Traditional designs take on a lively, eye-catching look when they’re reimagined with a vibrantly-colored stone. Blue diamond engagement rings declare that your love is true blue and a rare treasure.

black diamond engagement ring 1 caratWhile blue diamonds are sometimes found in nature, they’re exceedingly rare; because of this, they can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. However, you won’t have to pay that much for a stunning blue diamond style! More abundant white diamonds can be treated with heat and pressure to give them an indigo hue with a much more reasonable price tag. All of Apples of Gold’s blue diamond engagement rings feature these lab-treated stones, making them accessible to everyday women.

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Blue diamonds give timeless three-stone styles a fresh burst of color, as seen in Apples of Gold’s 1/2 Carat Blue Diamond Three Stone Ring in14K white gold. Or, try a style that combines color with traditional white diamonds such as the 1/2 Carat 5 “Blue and White” Diamond Ring in 14K yellow gold, which alternates two types of diamonds to form one glittering design.

Basic black has been embraced for decades as a staple that is perpetually chic and always right for the occasion. Nearly everything goes with black, and black diamond engagement rings have a versatility that exudes sophistication. In addition, giving a stone that goes with anything is a unique way to communicate that your love will never go out of style, no matter what life throws your way.

antique style black diamond engagement bridal ring setLike blue diamonds, black diamonds can be found in nature, but they are quite rare, and thus come with a hefty price tag. Scientists aren’t exactly sure how these deep, dark stones are formed, which adds an extra sense of mystery to their already intriguing appeal. Like other diamonds, they’re a form of carbon, but they have a different carbon isotope than other diamonds. Several hundred years ago, the Portuguese called the unexplainable black diamond “Carbonados,” meaning “carbonized,” or “burned” and this name provides a fitting description of this alluring stone.

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Unlike the naturally occurring variety, black diamonds that take on their intriguing color in a lab are relatively wallet-friendly. Through a heat or irradiation process, naturally-occurring white diamonds are given a dark hue that provides a modern update to classic styles.

blue and white diamond engagement ringAll of Apples of Gold’s black diamond engagement rings feature this second type of black diamond, providing today’s brides with a number of contemporary takes on time-honored designs. For example, black diamond solitaires like the 1 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring provide serious class with a head-turning twist. The timeless solitaire becomes an elegantly bold statement of style when the classic white diamond is replaced by a black diamond.

Or, consider a style that pairs black and white diamonds in timelessly glamorous looks. Apples of Gold’s 1/2 Carat Three Stone Black and White Diamond Ring in 14K white gold combines a 0.25 carat black diamond with two traditional white stones for the ultimate in sparkling contrast.

Both blue and black engagement ring styles can communicate a love that’s one of a kind. Choose a classic style that features one of these gems for an expression of affection that will never fail to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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