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Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

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Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

From deep sapphire to icy aquamarine, blue gemstones hold remarkable appeal. The color—rich and alluring—naturally beautifies the woman who wears them. While Diamonds, due to their superior hardness and durability, as well as their cultural status, continue to rank prominently among favored stones for wedding jewelry, blue diamond engagement rings offer the best of both worlds: stunning blue shades combined with durability and level of luxury only a genuine diamond can provide. Read more.

While a blue diamond may occasionally be found in nature, they are exceedingly rare. The Apples of Gold collection of blue diamond engagement rings are true colorless diamonds that have been enhanced to give them color. In composition they are no different from a traditional white or colorless diamond. Through the process of irradiation, or intense heat-treating, the originally clear stone takes on a permanent, rich blue cast.

When considering a colored gemstone, women wonder if their engagement ring will still look like an engagement ring. What will differentiate it from fashion jewelry? The engagement ring settings that Apples of Gold offers show these stones in their best light—many are the very same settings we use with our colorless diamonds. With a piece such as the art deco ring, the blue and white diamond swirl ring, or even a generous one-carat solitaire, there will be no question that the band circling your ring finger is more than an attractive decoration.

While in other countries wedding jewelry commonly features colored gemstones, in the U.S. the colorless stone is still synonymous with ‘engagement ring.’ But this trend is changing. From bright canary diamonds to rich black diamonds, brides-to-be are boldly pushing outside of the traditional box. The result is rare, unexpected beauty—and a lot of oohs and ahs. Women looking for an engagement ring that is unique, special, and one-of-a-kind, yet still classy and elegant are naturally attracted to blue diamonds engagement rings.

And with the Apples of Gold ethical pricing model, your blue diamond engagement ring is also affordable. Nothing pleases us more than helping happy couples find the rings that will signify their love and commitment to each other. This means carrying a wide variety of quality jewelry to fit a range of budgets. We’re also excited to help you find the ring that is perfect for you. Thus we offer a range of options and customizations on all of our wedding jewelry.

As you prepare for your wedding day with “something old, something new, something borrowed,” let our engagement rings be that something blue.

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