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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Ľ

Looking for an engagement ring thatís truly unique, but that still honors tradition? A yellow diamond engagement ring offers both innovation and the classic appeal of a diamond, with a twist thatís surprising but brilliantly beautiful. Read more.

The golden glimmer of a yellow diamond is a fitting symbol of the love that has warmed your heart. Like the sun, your love fills your life with light and warmth, and this gem declares that your relationship has set your heart aglow. Its color calls to mind a delicate buttercup, with the characteristic, matchless sparkle associated with the traditional engagement ring stone. This combination of color and glimmer allows the yellow diamond to take the spotlight with ease and keep eyes fixed on its blazing good looks.

The unique hue of a yellow diamond calls gives a vibrant twist to the classic diamond engagement ring. Looking into one of these sparkling stones is like gazing into liquid gold, and wearing one is like wearing a piece of the sun that seems to not only reflect light, but radiate it from deep inside.

In recent years, a number of celebrity brides have brought yellow diamond engagement rings into the spotlight, and with their stunning, unexpected color, these rings are truly newsworthy. But, that doesnít make them inaccessible to the majority of us without fame and fortune.

Naturally-occurring yellow diamonds are extremely rare: Itís estimated that just one in a thousand mined diamonds have a vibrant yellow color. Because these diamonds are found so infrequently in nature, they come with a high price tag. However, that doesnít mean that only celebrity brides can make a statement about their love with a golden, glimmering stone. In addition to the diamonds found in nature, yellow diamonds can also take on their color in a lab, and these gems are much more affordable than their naturally-occurring counterparts. These arenít lab-created stones, however; rather, theyíre white diamonds that have taken on a golden hue as the result of an irradiation process. Itís these, much more budget-friendly stones that are featured in Apples of Goldís yellow diamond engagement rings.

No other stone can communicate radiant love as brilliantly as a yellow diamond, with its winning combination of lively, golden color and mesmerizing sparkle. Each piece in Apples of Goldís stunning collection of yellow diamond engagement rings allows you to celebrate the one who has flooded your live with warmth and light.

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