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Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Her radiance, her compassion and faith render her angelic to you. No poet could begin to capture her grace, the warmth of her sweet smile. If a picture is worth a thousand words, surely a diamond may be worth a million words and perhaps with a million elegant, well-chosen words, you could begin to describe the love you feel for her. A diamond wrapped in a halo of diamonds, encircled infinitely as the love you share is forever and even as God’s love is infinite, speaks so profoundly of reverence, of a holy and glorious love. If your love is so ineffable, let a diamond halo engagement ring speak for you. Read more.

Not for you the blameless simple solitaire. Your love is finer, more extravagant and must be proclaimed from rooftops, must be declared by diamonds upon diamonds, like a tiara for a princess bride or a sparkler designed for a queen. It must be an angel’s ring. Surely, she will know how carefully you’ve chosen, will see the awe you feel when she looks in your eyes, takes your hand in hers. She will see in this diamond halo engagement ring the respectful, blissful love of a true gentleman who wants to claim her as his bride in sight of the Lord himself. This ring sets her apart, shows that she is unlike ordinary women, common brides…she is a gift to you from God above and you will love and protect her as your angel on earth.

A crown of tiny diamonds surround the central solitaire of the diamond halo engagement ring, just as your love and care will always surround your beloved bride. This is a promise, a tribute, a plea—beseeching her to become your wife and the mother of your children, to share the trials and joys of life together. The diamond halo ring symbolizes the vow that you will guard her as closely as her guardian angel does, and even that you see her as your own angel—a gentle beauty of whom you are hardly worthy. Present the diamond halo engagement ring to her on bended knee as a medieval knight would have shown supplication to his lady for a favor, a promise to wait. Allow a moment for a romantic hush, the near-silent gasp as she behold the beautiful ring you’ve chosen for her, as she sees in it a reflection of your deep and sincere love for her. Reverence this pledge, this proposal with a lavish diamond halo engagement ring fit for a princess…for an angel.

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