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Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets Ľ

Engagement and wedding ring sets make the process of choosing two perfectly coordinating pieces of wedding jewelry practically effortless. These pairs of rings provide gorgeous, put-together style in looks from vintage to contemporary to classic. Read more.

In addition to their stylistic advantages, matching engagement and wedding ring sets can also serve as symbols of the way the two partners in a marriage complement one another. Together, a husband and wife form something beautiful thatís greater than anything that either could create alone. The two rings in each of these pairs of wedding jewelry were created for each other, making them a celebration of two hearts that seem to have been created for one another. Here are just a few snapshots of Apples of Goldís stunning engagement and wedding ring sets:

The 1 Carat Three Stone Princess Cut Floret Diamond Bridal Set contains charm after charm, while simultaneously embracing Victorian flair and modern sensibility. The 0.30 carat princess-cut stone that stars in this setís engagement ring is flanked not only by two smaller princess-cut diamonds, but also by six round accent stones. Eleven additional round stones glimmer on the coordinating wedding band, creating a unified look thatís far from short on sparkle. However, the appeal of these rings doesnít end there. Viewed from the sides, each ring reveals an antique-style engraved floret and leaf design. This is an extraordinarily beautiful set, crafted with the upmost attention to detail in shining 14K white gold.

Dozens of diamonds dazzle in unity as part of the 1.00 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set. A round 0.40 carat diamond is circled by smaller stones, while matching small stones accent the slender, 2mm bands of both rings. The abundance of diamonds exhibited by this pair work together to create a contemporary look that sparkles like an entire sky full of stars.

For modern style with movement, donít miss the 14K Rose Gold 1 Carat Diamond Swirl Engagement Set. Although a 0.50 carat diamond serves as the centerpiece of the ring pairing, itís the unique setting that makes it stand out. These two rings curve gently but dramatically around the center stone like an ocean wave, creating a look thatís lively and modern. A total of 58 small round diamonds stud the bands of both rings as the warm glow of 14K rose gold adds a hint of color that communicates affection. And, as a bonus, this set is crafted from 100% recycled gold.

The 1.30 Carat Diamond Bridal Wedding Set in 14K Gold is truly fit for a queen. Subtle milgrain designs border over two dozen round channel-set diamonds, adding regal glamour to a center stone thatís over a half carat in weight. Crafted from classic 1K yellow gold, this lavish look is supremely classy and destined to become a treasured heirloom.

Of course, choosing an engagement and wedding ring set isnít always just about choosing a ring that has dazzling good looks. Today many couples are also seeking out wedding jewelry with spiritual significance, and Apples of Gold offers a number of bridal ring sets that communicate a message of faith as well as of love. For example, the Christian Dove Diamond Bridal Wedding Ring Set in 14K White Gold utilizes a graceful cutout dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which serves as a continual reminder of His presence, as well as of your commitment to the one you love. A simple quarter-carat round diamond glimmers from the center of the dove, symbolizing gift of love for one another and of life thatís truly abundant.

Not all engagement and wedding ring sets contain traditional white diamonds. Blue or black diamonds add a bold touch to a number of Apples of Goldís bridal ring sets. The Antique-Style Black Diamond Bridal Set juxtaposes an old-fashioned style with a stone thatís modern, chic and mysterious. A 0.35-carat eye-grabbing round black diamond is surrounded by a feminine setting of swirls and cutouts thatís just a fetching today as it was 100 years ago. A slender coordinating band meets the curve of the engagement ring to round out this set with pulled-together class.

Apples of Goldís Heart Shaped 0.75 Carat Diamond Solitaire Engagement Set puts a subtle twist on a classic that adds both meaning and fun. From far away, the engagement ring in this pair might look like a classic solitaire, but up close it becomes clear that a heart-shaped stone is the true star of this set. Timeless, gleaming 14K white gold bands keep this ring from straying too far from traditional territory while allowing its unique gem to get all of the attention.

In their own unique ways, each of these rings celebrates the unmatchable unity within a marriage Choose a pair to commemorate two becoming one, and to celebrate the continual joy of living each day together.

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