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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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About Our Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Although the traditional white gold, silver and yellow gold engagement rings have always been the popular pick, rose gold engagement rings are making their mark on the wedding scene. The use of this precious metal for these sentimental pieces has been well received by brides this wedding season. Read more.

What sets rose gold apart from other precious metals is its unique hue, which varies in different shades of rose. Incorporating copper as one of itís main components, rose gold takes on that gorgeous color that sets it apart from other golds.

As seen lately, wedding and engagement rings have changed significantly from the trends of the past. Jewelers and brides alike are starting to get more daring with different designs, metals and styles of rings. With Apples of Gold rose gold engagement rings, a new, fresh look, as well as the classic, traditional factor are exhibited. Different diamonds cuts and styles of bands are paired with that distinctive rose gold color.

These stunning rings vary from a simple solitaire diamond to a 'diamond swirl' pattern. Is she hoping for a round cut or a marquis? No matter what the diamond, it will be the rose gold that makes the ring stand out on your bride-to-be's ring finger.

Despite the eternal popularity for yellow and white gold engagement rings, the demand for rose gold is flourishing. Brides and grooms have recently started expanding past the traditional and expected style for rings. Although rose gold may not be as high in demand as 14K white or silver gold, it is a metal that definitely sets itself apart from the regular look. The name of the game is originality, and with Apples of Gold rose gold engagement rings, any man can make popping the question especially memorable when he offers his lady a ring she is bound to love.

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