Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess-Cut Diamond Rings

Iconic. Dazzling. Radiant. These superlatives describe not just your bride, but also the perfect classical design for her engagement ring. The diamond ring fit for royalty. A princess-cut diamond ring is the only choice for the woman you’ve chosen to become your queen. The second most popular shape for the central stone in the traditional diamond engagement ring, the princess-cut is truly worthy of a fairy tale damsel. Read more.

Your love is timeless, the very picture of classical elegance. Only a princess-cut diamond ring can capture the incandescent sparkle of her smile. The startling brilliance of the princess-cut diamond ring makes it destined to be a cherished heirloom. Imagine her beautiful face shining with pride, a mist of sentimental tears in her eyes as she one day tells your granddaughter the story of the day you proposed marriage with the ideal romantic token—a princess-cut diamond ring. Perhaps, as you watch affectionately from the doorway, just out of sight, you’ll get to see her prize the beloved ring from her own finger and let your little granddaughter try it on and admire the sparkle of the diamond in the afternoon sunlight.

In a sleek timeless band or with the vintage look of an intricate setting, the princess-cut diamond is as versatile as it is radiant. Available set in cool silver, yellow gold or luxuriant platinum, your princess-cut diamond ring may be the sealing symbol for your holy marriage vows or a show-stopping anniversary present—solitaire or the more contemporary three-stone design. Think of giving your darling the lavish gift of a glorious princess-cut diamond ring for your wedding anniversary, an unexpected and breathtaking upgrade of the more modest stone that was all you could afford when you first married. Show her how precious she is to her, how she is now and ever shall be, your very own princess.

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