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Diamond Vintage Rings

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Vintage Diamond Rings:

Vintage Diamond Rings prove that true what’s old really can be new again. These pieces dazzle, both because of the stones they hold and because of their unique and stunning style. You won’t find them just anywhere, but they’ll get people talking everywhere. Read more.

Apples of Gold’s vintage diamond rings aren’t just a nod to the past—they’re authentic vintage designs. On rings whose SKU begins with “HGO-“, for example, our manufacturer and designer uses molds they’ve obtained from the times that our vintage diamond rings call to mind. Every ring is made with individual care from high-quality materials.

Antique diamond rings showcase the intricate designs of generations past. The 1/4 Carat Vintage Floral Diamond Ring calls to mind the Victorian era with their delicately embedded flowers and openwork, all surrounding a solitaire.

The Paisley Design 1/2 Carat Diamond Ring is truly one of a kind. A seemingly weightless yet sturdy design serves in a strong supporting role for the star: a dazzling round-cut diamond. Another unique pick is the Vintage Filigree Diamond Band, available in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. It shows a slightly different side to jewelry inspired by the past. The fine openwork framing the diamond makes it an instant classic.

The Art Deco period, with its geometric shapes and swirling designs, serves as the inspiration for a number of Apples of Gold’s vintage diamond rings; the look that was considered “modern” in the 1920s still looks current today. Our Art Deco Diamond Rings, available with diamonds in a number of sizes, are a perfect example of this ageless style. These rings are also offered as a bridal set, turning them into symbols of ageless love.

Apples of Gold’s vintage diamond ring collection also includes several bridal sets in antique styles, such as the Three Stone Princess Cut Floret Diamond Bridal Sets. Each set’s Victorian-style engagement ring, which features three princess-cut diamonds surrounded by six smaller round stones and an engraved floral design, is accompanied by a matching band.

Apples of Gold also carries vintage diamond rings that feature black diamonds and blue diamonds. While these colored diamonds occur on a rare occasion in nature, these colors can also be created from naturally-occurring white diamonds through a treatment process, making them much easier to procure and much less expensive. These colored stones give both Art Deco rings and antique bridal sets a distinctive modern sensibility.

Vintage diamonds rings offer unique style and timeless quality. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or bridal set, or just a gorgeous piece of jewelry, they’re the perfect fit.

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