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Vintage Wedding Rings

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Vintage Wedding Bands: The Quality of Timelessness:

Vintage wedding bands add a extra touch of symbolism to the ring ceremony. All wedding bands symbolize eternity and unending love—when you slip rings on each other’s fingers you’re committing to love and honor each other no matter what—but vintage wedding bands represent an additional quality: timelessness. Just as you pledge that your love will last for the long haul, these rings’ style promises to have staying power. After, all they’ve already proven they can as be as beautiful now as they were when they first appeared years ago. Read more.

Many of the vintage wedding bands in Apples of Gold’s collection beautifully complement our vintage engagement rings. Their compatible styling makes it easy to find a ring that’s the perfect fit.

Paisley designs are a popular motif for our vintage wedding bands, from delicate swirls surrounding carved flowers to slightly bolder styles. From the demure to the slightly daring, there’s a paisley for nearly every taste and budget.

For a slightly out-of the ordinary, but still timelessly beautiful style, take a look at our antiqued Celtic wedding bands—a unique twist on the traditional carved design. Or, consider one of the Apples of Gold Antiqued Personalized Wedding Bands, made exclusively yours by deeply carving your names in a script font. They proclaim that “My beloved is mine, and I am his.” (Song of Solomon 2:16a, NKJV)

If you’re looking for a wedding band with an extra handcrafted touch, we have several designs that fit the bill, including our Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Its detailed flower design extends all the way around the band, as well as onto the sides band, making it a unique symbol of a love that always continues to bloom. Or, take a look at one of our Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Bands, which encircle your finger with a subtle yet stunning swirling flower motif.

Apples of Gold’s vintage wedding bands are unique in that we recognize that designs and methods that have worked for a century and incorporate them into pieces that fit seamlessly into modern style. Fine craftsmanship never goes out of style—and neither will these designs!

Slipping a vintage wedding band on the finger of the one you love is a unique way to say not only “I do,” but also “I always will.” They communicate that your marriage isn’t just about the big day, but about a lifetime of timeless love that will never go out of fashion.

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