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White Gold Wedding Rings

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Lustrous and luxurious, white gold wedding bands persist year after year as a bestseller in wedding jewelry. From delicate engraved floral patterns to chunky, matte, masculine designs, the Apples of Gold selection ensures a band for every taste and style. Read more.

White metals such as platinum and white gold have seen a surge in popularity over the last decade. The clean, sleek look is versatile and easy to match with a variety of skin tones and fashion styles. White gold, being a more affordable option than platinum, is certain to remain a favorite among both men and women who are looking for a band they’ll love as much in forty years as they do today. White gold wedding bands promise that kind of longevity.

White gold is no less ‘gold’ than yellow gold. All gold used for jewelry is an alloy of pure gold and other metals. In the case of yellow gold, pure gold is mixed with copper, which results in the rich golden color most people associate with gold. In the case of white gold, the mixture incorporates palladium. The end result is a shiny, metallic gray color that looks much like silver or platinum. The carat measurement indicates the percentage of pure gold that went into the alloy. 18K gold, for example, contains more gold than 14K, but 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold have equal percentages of pure gold. Only the color is different.

Stronger than silver and more affordable than platinum, white gold wedding bands are an ideal combination of beauty, class, durability and affordability. Their popularity has led to a surge in variety of designs and styles. At Apples of Gold we are perpetually adding to our collection of white gold to accommodate demand for this stunning metal. While women generally prefer a thinner band with a decorative pattern, men love unique finishes such as brushed, matte, or hammered. The ever-popular paisley pattern is available for both men and women, and for those who desire a little extra sparkle, we offer bands with gemstone accents. Matching bands are also a popular option.

White gold wedding bands are also fully customizable. With many of our selections, you choose the width and carat measurement. Most rings can also be engraved with a special message or favorite Bible verse. Our Top 100 Wedding Bands page helps to narrow your options and brings insight into what other couples are buying now. For bands that guarantee performance as well as pleasure, white gold wedding bands from Apples of Gold are a shining option.

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