18K White Gold Wedding Bands

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18K White Gold Wedding Rings

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Is the love you share that special someone a step above anything that you share with anyone else? If so, why not wear a ring that’s a step above the usual, as well? Apples of Gold’s collection of 18K white gold wedding bands provide an extra sense of luxury, as well as styles for every taste. Read more.

The “18” in 18K white gold refers to the percentage of an alloy that is actually gold—in this case 75 percent of pure gold, which is referred to as 24K gold. Pure gold is too soft to be used in fine jewelry, but the addition of others metals gives it the strength it needs to be formed into jewelry that’s beautiful and that’s poised to last a lifetime.

Although 14K gold is the most common type of gold used in jewelry in the United States, jewelry made from 18K gold is quite popular in many areas of the world for its luxury and its beauty. Many in India and the Middle East wear 18K gold as their metal of choice, and it’s been embraced in many European countries for years. Whether it’s worn as a symbol of prosperity or simply as a beautiful adornment, 18K gold has a look and feel that never fails to be sought after.

Apples of Gold’s collection of 14K white gold wedding bands include a wide range of styles so that you can experience the luxury of 18K gold in a ring that’s a perfect fit with your style. From vintage designs that call to mind simpler times to modern square-shaped and concave silhouettes, there’s a ring for every taste.

Paisley motifs give gorgeous, lively style to several 18K white gold wedding bands. However, even the simplest design feels lavish when cast in this metal. Classic weddings bands in several styles, both round and flat, communicate that your love is something special with strong simplicity.

For an incredibly luxurious look, try one of Apples of Gold’s diamond-accented 18K white gold wedding bands. There’s no mistaking the glamour of this metal and gemstone combination. Choose a ring accented with a diamond or two for a subtle nudge of glitz or one set with an entire row of these sparkling stones for a look that will stop traffic.

Your love for one another is extravagant. Why not express just a fraction of that love with one of Apples of Gold’s 18K white gold wedding bands?

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