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Celtic Wedding Rings

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About our Celtic Wedding Bands

All of our Celtic wedding bands are individually made and very high quality. Our gold Celtic wedding bands are all substantial, heavy pieces. All of our Celtic rings are comfort fit. Each Celtic wedding band ring is approx. 2mm - 2.25mm thick (depth).

All Celtic wedding bands are available in gold, white gold, two-tone, or platinum.

Celtic Wedding Bands: Symbols of Your Own Infinite Interpretation

Your decision to marry was a choice made easy, your heart and mind just knew, just as we believe you will love our Celtic Wedding Bands. The symbols brilliantly presented on these rings’ precious metals, however, remain a mystery to us and to historians. Read more.

A mystery perhaps your love may help us resolve.

We present a captivating range of stellar pieces with remarkable imagery eons old, each one giving you the chance to tell your mutual truth. We entice you to look, to select from the gleaming metals, to give our Celtic Wedding Bands the honor and warmth of beating bodies, expanding them to a perfect fit.

Each Apples of Gold band is comfort fitted to snuggly fasten around your finger with ease. Spirals to inspire, and crosses spelling out a message of the Everlasting demark powerful messages to embody your spirit in partnership.

Symbols fastened to platinum, gold, silver, and titanium. Celtic Wedding Bands with intricate weaving meshes, knots that stand steadfast in protractions, rising from precious metal bands of blissful fabrication. We have spared nothing in making pieces you will both adore. Easily navigate with Apples of Gold through imagery you will want to fasten your souls around. The Caer and Bowen pieces that we offer, deliver powerful Celtic designs weaved in 14k and 18k yellow gold.

The Celts knew the power of harnessing beauty. Apples of Gold makes it possible now for you to take on their power with their unique Celtic Wedding Bands. Transcend the gap of time from when these impressions were first utilized, and make this giant leap of belief in your love backed by something ethereal, and mystically magnificent.

The dream that inspired 8th century poet Caedmon to proffer song is encapsulated in two-tone gold Caedmon Celtic Wedding Bands. Our antiqued Celtic knotted Wedding Bands series see the Trinity divine shimmering in intricate triangular knots to join two souls in marital vows. Every powerful impression the Celts left for us to dissect are represented through our unbridled range, every color in creation too. One of our bands even sees translucent blue enveloping titanium in lines so distinctly Celtic they sear into the pith of the psyche.

celtic weaves, knots, Claddaghs, Crosses, all continue their infinitive journey in our designs. You define the answer that belies historians, the symbols are yours to translate, you and your partners' own.

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