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Womens Celtic Wedding Bands

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About our Celtic Wedding Bands

All of our Celtic wedding bands are individually made and very high quality. Our gold Celtic wedding bands are all substantial, heavy pieces. All of our Celtic rings are comfort fit. Each Celtic wedding band ring is approx. 2mm - 2.25mm thick (depth).

All Celtic wedding bands are available in gold, white gold, two-tone, or platinum.

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Celtic wedding bands for women offer unique and stunning statements of love that lasts forever. Celtic knots have been used since at least the 5th Century AD, and are known for their use in adorning monuments and Christian manuscripts, including the Book of Kells. Although no one knows what these designs originally meant, many people have adopted them as symbols of eternity.

The unbroken knot designs on Celtic wedding bands for women add extra symbolism to pieces of jewelry that are already rich with meaning. Like the unbroken circle of the wedding ring, unending Celtic knots are a picture of love and commitment that will never run out. They show that two lives are in it together for life.
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Celtic knot motifs intertwine and weave together, making them a fitting representation of the unity that begins when you say “I do” and grows as you build your life with the one you love. As you become one as husband and wife your hearts mesh together, becoming like the cord of three strands of which King Solomon said “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Each of Apples of Gold’s Celtic wedding bands for women, like all of their wedding rings, has been selected for its quality of craftsmanship. These rings are heirloom quality, made to retain their allure for years to come.

Some of these Celtic wedding styles give a modern edge to traditional knot designs. These modern interpretations feature bold angles that give time-honored motifs an unmistakably current look. Others draw more closely from tradition, featuring the curves and twists that come to mind when most people think of Celtic knots. From detailed engraved designs to attention-grabbing sculptural looks, these rings offer options for a variety of tastes.

These one-of-a-kind styles are offered in a number of metals and metal combinations. In addition to a large number of choices in white gold and yellow gold, Apples of Gold’s platinum varieties offer options for women with metal allergies. Titanium Celtic wedding bands for women are also hypoallergenic and add a sleek, modern edge to centuries-old designs. As a bonus, titanium rings are significantly more affordable than rings made from most other metals, allowing even those on a tight budget to find a Celtic wedding ring that’s just right for them.

The unique and stunning style of Celtic wedding bands for women makes then excellent picks for their looks alone. However, the symbolism that these exclusive designs add to wedding rings makes them an undeniably meaningful pick.

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