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Titanium Wedding Rings

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In ancient Greek mythology a race of powerful deities were alleged to reign over heaven and earth. Titled the “Titans” and revered for their superior strength, these mythological gods ruled during the Golden Age of legend and have been celebrated throughout history in literature and art. The strength of the Titans also lives on in the unique metal of Titanium. In recent years the alluring metal titanium has burst onto the jewelry scene, becoming one of the most popular pieces to own. Titanium wedding bands are in especially high demand due to the metal’s distinctive properties. As one of the strongest metals, titanium is ideal for wedding bands, ensuring they are designed to last. Read more.

This metal also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it very lightweight but extremely durable. Titanium wedding bands are resistant to corrosion, a superior quality for a treasured keepsake. Unlike gold, titanium does not react to body chemistry, so it won’t tarnish, and it’s 100% hypoallergenic. The cost of titanium wedding rings is significantly lower than gold, but the jewelry will maintain its luster forever.

Titanium wedding bands are a perfect choice for to signify your enduring commitment to your husband or wife. The rich grey tones offer a modern beauty and the metal is a little more scratch resistant than gold or silver, which makes caring for the ring easy. These rings are also great for those with an active lifestyle because of their lightweight but strong composure.

Jewelry retailer Apples of Gold offers a wide range of titanium wedding bands to suit any couple. Choose from a classic satin finish design with a beveled edge, sure to make any groom proud. Or opt for a hammered finish which gives the ring a distinct textured surface. Options also include a titanium and 18K yellow gold band, which offers all the beauty of gold but without the hefty price tag.

Couples may want to include specific heritage in their wedding rings, and Apples of Gold offers numerous Celtic and other designs to help with that purchase. With various Celtic knot options, finding the right ring is easy. Many couples choose to honor their Christian faith with their wedding rings, and they’ll find several options of bands with crosses or with the traditional Christian Ichthus symbol. Whether looking for a fashionable, modern ring or one with simple functionality, titanium wedding bands offer the perfect solution for both.

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