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Titanium and 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band Ring

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We present an outstanding Titanium and Gold ring that combines the classic look of a gold band with artisan crafting.  Two black grooves alongside the wide 18K gold center inlay make the gold appear to float on the titanium.

Made with aircraft grade titanium 6-4 (6% aluminum, 4% vanadium).

Available Satin/Brushed (matte) or Polished (shiny) finish, in 5mm - 10mm width.

Contour fit, for a more comfortable fit (
the inside edges are perfectly shaped for maximum comfort yet the middle of the inside is flat such that the ring does not rock on the arc in the middle of the ring or sit too high on the finger.

We've created a special epoxy resin blend in our titanium wedding bands that is extremely durable, and can be polished to a near mirror finish. The sweet comfort of a light handcrafted band combined with the subtle gray of titanium contrasting gold middle and black channels just makes these black titanium rings a very elegant choice.

Titanium is a performance metal, used extensively in aerospace where strength and weight really count. Unique and cutting-edge, titanium is the stuff of dream rings--rings that will last and can be passed on for generations to come.

We guarantee our Titanium and 18K Yellow Gold Wedding Band Ring to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.