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Simple Bands to Ornate Designs: Silver Wedding Bands

Known for it’s eye-catching and shiny tone, sterling silver will continue to be among the most preferred of metals. Not only is this material a popular pick for everyday jewelry, sterling silver wedding bands are an attractive choice for brides and grooms alike. Read more.

Sterling silver is an alloy containing about 92% silver and 8% other metals, such as copper. Pure silver, like gold, and most other precious metals, is too soft in its pure form for jewelry production, so the metal is alloyed with copper in order to make it strong enough to work with. Sterling silver can then easily be transformed into a variety of shapes and designs and is also an ideal metal for engraving and carving.

With styles varying from simple bands to ornate designs using decorative stones, the range of sterling silver wedding bands available from Apples of Gold ensure a piece that suits any bride and groom’s style. From bold to classic looks, favored picks include a unique, vintage paisley design or a hammered finish with turquoise stones for added originality. Another option with these sterling silver wedding bands is to have your spouse’s name engraved on the ring. This further personalizes your special one-of-a-kind piece.

One of the most desirable attributes of sterling silver is its affordability. Compared to other pricy precious metals such as white gold or platinum, sterling silver has a pleasantly surprising price tag that pleases all. When paired with a unique design or sparkling stone, sterling silver gives any piece the elegance it deserves without breaking the bank. Achieving the sought after look of a platinum ring, sterling silver gives that same white metal look but at a much more pleasing price for grooms. When searching for your bride’s wedding band, consider a sterling silver wedding band—you’ll get the look of elegance with a price that you can agree with.

Sterling silver is also a very durable metal. For those with a more active lifestyle or with excessive use of the hands, sterling silver wedding bands stand up to the pressure. They are an excellent choice for women with a more hands-on type of lifestyle.

This wedding season, consider this precious metal for your bride-to-be. Not only breathtaking on her finger, it will be a ring you can feel good about as well.

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