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Silver Wedding Bands for Women

While tough economic times often cause couples to consider alternatives to traditional metals for their wedding rings, the beauty of silver wedding bands for women is often what seals the deal. These designs showcase the versatility of this metal, tackling styles from delicate to daring.

Admittedly, price is often high on the list of determining factors when many people consider sterling silver, and for good reason: a ring made from white gold could easily cost three times more than the same style in sterling silver. However, just because these rings are relatively inexpensive doesnít mean theyíre cheap. Apples of goldís silver wedding bands for women feature many of the same designs as their white gold wedding rings and are created with exceptional care. Read more.

All of these rings are crafted from the highest quality silver available for jewelry. Known as .925 sterling silver, this metal is an alloy containing 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals such as copper. This addition turns pure silver, which is too soft for use in jewelry, into a durable medium.

However, price isnít the only factor in this metalís popularity. Its cool, brilliant shine gives it more than a little eye appeal. Sterling silver is a sought-after choice for jewelry of all kinds, and silver wedding bands for women coordinate perfectly with many ladiesí jewelry collections.

Thereís a silver wedding band for any taste, and intricately carved paisley and floral designs showcase this metalís versatility. Whether inspired by the past or the present, these rings prove that silver is up to the task of taking on most any style. Celtic designs shine gorgeously in sterling silver, as do bands studded with gemstones. Although this metal is known by many for its gleam, antiqued and brushed finishes on several styles add unexpected but eye-pleasing flair.

If youíre looking for a ring thatís a little out of the ordinary, a number of Apples of Goldís silver styles fit the bill. Handcrafted bands are true originals that communicate your one-of-a-kind love. Or, choose a personalized hand stamped or carved ring to create a piece thatís unmistakably yours.

If youíre looking for sterling silver with a little something extra, consider one of Apples of Goldís argentium silver wedding bands for women. Argentium silver is distinct from other sterling silver in that it contains germanium, and as a result itís both stronger and brighter than traditional sterling silver. In fact, itís brighter than either platinum or white gold. Itís also resistant to tarnish and easy to care for.

Sterling silver wedding bands for women are an ideal choice for those looking for a ring that doesnít sacrifice looks for affordability. Their low price and high style is a winning combo.

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