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Mens Silver Wedding Bands

Mens silver wedding bands offer an affordable alternative to bands made of white gold or platinum without scrimping on style. While many couples choose sterling silver because it of its lower price tag as compared to more traditional metals, the styles of these wedding rings is reason enough to cause many to consider them as alternatives to gold, white gold or platinum. Read more.

Sterling silver wedding bands offer a huge financial savings as compared to wedding bands made from other metals. A sterling silver ring can cost just a third or even less than the same style would cost were it made of white gold.

Apples of Goldís mens silver wedding bands are crafted from .925 sterling silveróthe highest quality of silver thatís used in jewelry. This type of silver is actually an alloy, which combines a small amount of copper or other metals with pure silveróa metal thatís too soft on its own to be used in jewelry. With the addition of just 7.5 percent of these other metals, silver is transformed into a durable medium, perfectly suited for rings of all kinds.

However, mens silver wedding bands have a lot more going for them than just affordability. These rings have the traditional look of white gold, and many who see them may assume that they are crafted from this metal. In addition, sterling silver is relatively easy to engrave and carve, making it an extremely versatile metal for jewelry. The variety of looks and styles that can be achieved meant that thereís a perfect ring for any taste, as well as any budget.

Several of Apples of Goldís mens silver wedding bands are handmade, making them truly one-of-a-kind expressions of your commitment. Others feature Celtic knots, which add an eye-catching and meaningful touch; these designs, with no beginning or end, have come to be known as symbols of eternity. Personalized styles offer another way to add significance, as well as have a ring thatís uniquely yours.

Some of the mens silver wedding bands in Apples of Goldís collection are crafted from a special type of silver known as argentium silver. Argentium silver contains the element germanium, and has the added benefit of being resistant to tarnish, making it very easy to care for. Itís also more brilliant and more durable than traditional sterling silver. Itís even brighter than either white gold or platinum, making it a truly exceptional metal.

Whether youíre considering sterling silver because of its affordability or because of its versatile style, mens silver wedding bands are an excellent pick for todayís couples. These rings offer both prices and styles that make them stand out.

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