Sterling Silver 10mm Milgrain Wedding Band

Sterling Silver 10mm Milgrain Wedding Band

Item #: QGRG-QCFM100
Retail Value: 250.00



Sometimes it is the smallest detail that makes the biggest impact in jewelry, which is certainly the case for this shining ring. The Sterling Silver 10mm Milgrain Wedding Band is a lovely example of a band with a decorative, beaded edge that adds an extra layer of intrigue to an otherwise unassuming band.

Prepare for your wedding with this beautiful sterling silver band, which features a wide surface with a high polish that makes a statement by simply reflecting the light like a mirror. Besides its grand dimension (10mm), the ring's detailed edging on either side of the band, a technique known as milgrain, offers a touch of class to the century-inspired design. Also adding to the luster of the ring is its high quality composition of sterling silver (.925) that has been polished to perfection.

This lovely wedding band is going to light up your day and command attention at your fingertips because of its gorgeously polished silver and elegantly trimmed edge. Even when worn all on its own, without any other accessories, this ring is sure to draw in curious eyes.

Ring measures 10mm wide.

We guarantee our Sterling Silver 10mm Milgrain Wedding Band to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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