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Sterling Silver Diamond Rings

Nothing sets off the icy purity of a diamond like the whiteness of sterling silver. Silver’s modest neutral sheen emphasizes and amplifies the clarity of the solitaire or cluster of diamonds. Sterling silver has been used for ornaments and even currency historically and the King James Bible itself acknowledges how prized silver is in Proverbs 25:11: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Show her that her careful and considerate words are valued as highly as silver by selecting for her a ring of that precious metal showcasing a diamond, that most esteemed of jewels for your dearest beloved. Read more.

Your darling will be breathless at the first glimpse of her sterling silver diamond ring, whether you chose it to symbolize and seal your engagement to be married or as an anniversary token to reassure her how deeply she is loved—more precious to you than finest silver and purest diamond gems. Though favored by jewelers throughout history, silver is also the more modern choice for an engagement ring, as young brides tend to favor the whiteness of silver to accentuate the brilliance of an engagement diamond. A smooth contemporary setting pleases the modern youthful eye, while a more detailed setting will delight the bride with a traditional taste in jewelry. In an art deco silver setting, the diamond is imbued with the glamour of Old Hollywood, even calling to mind Zelda Fitzgerald’s Parisian parties redolent with the dazzle of electric lights gleaming off the champagne flutes.

Sterling silver diamond rings are certain to delight the eye and melt the heart of any woman. The exquisite beauty of a cool silver setting adorning the purity of a precious diamond is incomparable. Elegant silver, mined originally in Turkey but concentrated in Bolivia, Mexico and Chile, is a delicate vessel in which to bear the gift of a fine diamond for your beloved.

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