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Revered for its heritage and its beauty, silver is one metal that has been used throughout the history of jewelry making. Craftsman, artisans, and jewelry makers alike know, however, that pure silver isn’t the best choice when it comes to creating their perfect piece of jewelry. In its purest form, silver is too soft to be crafted into or worn as jewelry. To remedy this, silver is combined with another metal, like copper, to stabilize the metal and make it strong enough for beautiful pieces of jewelry. The result is called .925 sterling silver. This metal alloy is an excellent choice for rings, and Apples of Gold provides some of the finest .925 sterling silver rings for purchase. Read more.

The beauty of .925 sterling silver rings is that they are 92.5 percent pure silver—a very high measure of purity in terms of jewelry. The other 7.5 percent can be copper, as mentioned above, or another metal that helps keep the silver strong. The .925 sterling silver rings from Apples of Gold reflect this purity in silver, too. Each ring offers a gleaming white color that is true to the nature of this precious metal. Further still, sterling silver rings make the most of the metal by weaving and crafting it into gorgeous designs that consumers won’t find anywhere else. The range of sterling silver rings is astounding: from lavish, ornate styles that are lush with carvings to simple, clean designs that are perfectly pure, .925 sterling silver rings are a wonderful choice for any occasion. Wedding rings cast in this sparkling precious metal are a sure way to make any bride and groom happy from the moment the silver is slipped on a finger. Other special occasions are perfect for purchasing a sterling silver ring, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Applesofgold.com also ensures that all of their .925 sterling silver rings are not just high quality silver, but also highly durable as well. This brilliant metal is perfect for people who are always on the go or who prefer the active lifestyle or anyone who works with their hands. Another benefit of .925 sterling silver rings is their everyday affordability. Priced below white gold and platinum but still giving that bright white color, silver makes a perfect alternative. Whatever the reason for a purchasing a new ring, consumers can turn to sterling silver and rest assured their jewelry is not just high quality, but also highly affordable.

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