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Vintage Silver Rings: Timeless Yet Timely Designs

Vintage silver rings are beautiful and affordable blasts from the past. Each design is unique, being equally old-fashioned and current. They’re timeless yet timely, available in a variety of styles, and (best of all!) they won’t break the bank. Read more.

While vintage silver rings cost significantly less than similar pieces made of gold, they’re far from cheap. All of Apples of Gold’s silver rings are made from .925 Sterling Silver: the highest quality silver available for jewelry. Since pure silver is a bit too malleable to be practical, it’s combined with 7.5 percent other metals to create an alloy that will hold its shape and catch the eye of all who see it. It’s the perfect combination of durability and uncompromised luster.

Many vintage silver rings are set with precious and semi-precious gemstones. There’s one to match nearly any outfit or mood. Choose one that holds special meaning to you, your birthstone or just one that stands out to you as particularly striking.

The intricate engraved designs that were popular in a time of corsets and bustles look amazingly fresh in sterling silver. While it’s unlikely that most of the fashions of 100 years ago will be back in style anytime soon, the swirling, delicate designs that adorn many vintage silver rings have never really gone out of style. The Enchanted Emerald Ring, and several rings the feature the same design with different stones, are prime examples of this timeless style.

The styles of the Art Deco period have stood the test of time as well. Their geometric shapes are both modern and a throwback to the 1920’s, as seen in pieces such as the Roman Art Deco Peridot and White Topaz Ring.

Apples of Gold’s vintage silver rings collection includes several handmade wedding bands, including the unique Victorian Handmade Floral Wedding Band with a delicate woven floral pattern. Vintage silver bridal sets are an affordable and beautiful expression of love. They’re easy on both the eyes and the budget, and are available with a variety of stones, including aquamarine, white topaz and garnet.

Vintage fleur-de-lis rings resemble the Victorian-style engraved bands of a century ago. Available with a wide selection of center stones, they’re classy, classic pieces. Apples of Gold’s Vintage Filigree Tanzanite Cigar Bands also call to mind the Victorian era, with delicate yet refined style.

There’s a vintage silver ring for any occasion! Try one (or several!) for a blast from the past without a serious hit to your wallet.

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