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Vintage Style Engagement Rings

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Vintage Engagement Rings: Express the Timelessness of Your Love:

Apples of Gold’s vintage engagement rings are a fantastic way to express the timelessness of your love. They might not look all that different from the ring your grandfather or great-grandfather pulled out when he proposed, but that’s only because these styles are equally stunning now as they were when these men popped the question decades ago. And, they’ll look equally stunning three generations from now. While their style is a throwback to the past, their beauty transcends any one era or time period. Read more.

Our vintage engagement rings aren’t simply our interpretations of a time past—they’re actually made from original Victorian molds that were obtained from that era, making them authentic designs from that time period. Each one is created with care, keeping in mind time-honored traditions to offer Victorian, Art Deco and antique designs that express your love today and for a lifetime.

Our Three Stone Princess Cut "Floret" Diamond Rings seamlessly combine Victorian beauty with modern sensibility. Three dazzling princess-cut stones are surrounded by smaller round diamonds, all set in a unique band that calls to mind the floral designs of a century past. The carved petal and flower motif accenting the diamonds is perpetually pretty and a fantastic way to show that your love isn’t of the run-of-the-mill variety.

If the 1920’s is more her style, consider Apples of Gold’s Art Deco vintage engagements rings. Several styles feature an opening lotus flower revealing a stunning diamond, with an graceful swirling design carved into the band; others feature a solitaire set in a band with a slightly bolder swirling motif.

If you’re looking for a vintage wedding ring as well as an engagement ring, consider one of our antique bridals sets which feature intricate cutout designs on both pieces. The strikingly feminine styling of these engagement rings is beautifully complimented by a slight but stunning wedding band that matches its curves perfectly.

We are committed to quality, both in materials and in craftsmanship. All of Apples of Gold’s vintage engagement rings are designed to last long enough to pass on to future generations, and to remain gorgeous as the decades pass.

Want to go beyond saying “Will you marry me?” to say “My love for you will last through the years”? Apples of Gold’s vintage engagement rings are the perfect way to show the love of your life that you’ll love her for life. True love is no passing trend, and these rings reflect that your love is here to stay.

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