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Diamond Bridal Ring Sets

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Diamond bridal sets partner two stunning pieces in perfect harmony. Apples of Gold’s collection of matching bridal jewelry combines many of their most popular engagement rings with wedding bands that match or closely coordinate with them to create looks that are complete and supremely complementary. Read more.

Matching sets such as these can represent the partnership between a husband and wife as they become and live as one. Just like two people moving through life in harmony, the engagement rings and wedding bands in each of these pairs complement one another and are better together than they are apart. Although each of these pairs is comprised of two parts, these parts work together seamlessly to communicate a message of commitment and unity.

Vintage diamond bridal sets are popular among many of today’s brides, both for their feminine beauty and their ability to conjure up images of a time when romance when celebrated. Filled with graceful curves and ladylike lines, these Victorian-inspired designs have proven that they can prevail as the trends pass by, making them a lovely way to celebrate enduring affection.

Bridal sets that feature diamond-studded wedding bands are dazzling pictures of the life that your loves brings. The longevity of a diamond can also serve as a symbol of lasting love, making diamond-drenched wedding rings a meaningful as well as gorgeous choice. These pairs are the perfect look for the wedding day and for a lifetime of days to follow.

Sterling silver diamond bridal sets offer wallet-friendly options for anyone looking for a stunning, coordinated look that’s easy on their bank account. Apples of Gold offers a number of sterling silver sets for a range of preferences, allowing brides on a budget to wear rings they love, no matter where their tastes in jewelry falls. Each of these pairs is crafted with care from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality of silver that can be used for jewelry.

Brides looking for an expression of their faith in their wedding jewelry will find a number of creative options to make a statement of their love, both for their spouse and their Lord. Apples of Gold’s collection contains a number of diamond bridal sets specifically designed to share this message with grace.

Brides of all tastes can benefit from the pulled-together look of diamond bridal set with a perfectly-partnered engagement ring and wedding band. Together, these pieces form a beautiful picture of unified love.

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