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Bridal ring sets provide a perfectly coordinated look that takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect wedding band to match the engagement ring that catches your eye. Many of Apples of Gold’s most popular styles are available as part of a matching bridal ring set, providing a wealth of effortless options to express your love and your style. carries bridal ring sets in a range of styles to satisfy brides who prefer simple designs, those who love lavishly detailed looks and all those in between. There’s a pair of matching bridal rings for just about any style preference, allowing you to make a unified statement in a way that fits you and your relationship. Read more.

Sets that combine classic solitaires with plain bands are timeless options for brides looking for rings that will adapt to any trend. Available in your choice of metal and stone sizes, these pairs allow you to celebrate your love with timeless, coordinated class.

Diamonds are a mainstay in engagement rings and many bridal sets incorporate this sparking stone not only in the engagement ring, but also in a coordinating wedding band. Eternity bands serve as the perfect, glittering partners for a number of engagement rings, combining with them to douse the wearer’s finger in diamonds—a stone that represents a love that lasts forever.

While traditional white diamonds are the most popular pick for bridal ring sets, they’re far from your only options. Pairs that feature blue and black diamonds offer a twist on tradition, providing a rich look that’s sure to turn heads as it represents your unique love.

Bridal sets that are inspired by the past are popular picks for today’s brides as they bring to mind a simpler time when life moved at a slower pace. Victorian styles add a bit of romance with feminine touches such as paisley motifs, engraved flowers and graceful filigree. Or, choose an Art Deco style to harken back to an exciting time with strong shapes and classy, ladylike lines.

Brides looking to express their faith through their wedding jewelry have a number of options to choose from. Apples of Gold carries several meaningful and beautiful sets with motifs such as doves and crosses that will serve as constant reminders of the faith that’s central to your love.

All of these bridal ring sets combine two rings to create a look that’s unified and undeniably beautiful. Like you and the one you love, they’re perfect pairs.

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