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Antique Inspired Engagement Rings

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History Comes Alive with Antique-style Engagement Rings

Asking for your sweetheart’s hand in marriage is not just a time-honored tradition, it’s an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Celebrate the romance with the look of antiquity. From the intricate detail to the delicate charm, Antique-style engagement rings represent the grace of a bygone era with the benefit of modern craftsmanship. What better way to celebrate the past and anticipate the future with your bride-to-be. Read more.

Antique-style engagement rings are inspired by historic periods such as Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau. Each period offers a distinct grace and beauty, as the designs evoke a world of royal elegance. That is one reason why Antique-style rings have become a popular choice in the last few years for women seeking distinct elegance.

The great thing about Antique-style engagement rings is that they encompass so much depth and truly offer something that mirrors each individual style–for example, The Edwardian Era focused design around platinum (being the metal of choice). The rings were ornate, crafted with intricate detail, which were inspired by elements of Louis XVI and 18th century France. The Victorian era featured prominent gems such as diamonds and sapphires set low in gold for easy every day wear. Delight your creative side with a stylish Art Deco inspired ring. This era typically incorporated gold and silver together for a sophisticated look. Beautiful motifs of flowers, nature, birds, vines, and leaves were also common of this era. This era often featured bold designs and geometric gemstones. Does your very own gem appreciate royal rubies, regal emeralds, or other rich gems? Antique-style engagement rings often use yellow and white gold and colorful stones to create a prominent, eye-catching look.

Apples of Gold appreciates the rich history, magical quality and timely tradition behind the distinct periods of History. We pride ourselves on offering a host of options to fit your specific needs. We want your engagement ring to be perfect, just like your love. Whether you appreciate fine detail, have an artistic flair, or just want a reminder of the past, an antique-style engagement ring is sure to live up to its time-honored tradition and beauty. It is the perfect way to show your love and devotion to your beautiful wife-to-be.

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