Cross Bible Verse Ring in Sterling Silver

Cross Bible Verse Ring in Sterling Silver

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Item #: BVR-01SS
Retail Value: $675.00

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made in the USA

Sterling Silver Wedding Band features Song of Solomon 1:2 or the Bible verse of your choice in a 6mm width.


  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Width: 6mm
  • For Men or Women


This Cross Bible Verse Ring in Sterling Silver is a fitting way to represent your love and honor the One who brought you together. A simple Celtic cross is engraved, front and center, into this shining ring, serving as a continual reminder of your faith and of the vital role that it plays in your relationship. It's also a symbol of Christ's ultimate act of love, calling to mind the way that we are to love one another.

The inside of this cross wedding band contains another unmistakable expression of faith: an engraved Bible verse of your choice. You can select one of Apples of Gold's suggested verses such as Genesis 2:18 ("And the Lord God said, 'It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.'") or choose any verse that's significant to you and the one you love, up to 225 characters.

The flat shape of this Christian wedding band provides this piece with a subtle touch of modern flair, while the message it communicates is timeless. Crafted of .925 sterling silver, the highest quality of silver that's used in jewelry, this ring is an affordable and attractive symbol of faith, as well as a declaration of your love and commitment.

We guarantee our Cross Bible Verse Ring in Sterling Silver to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
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