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Mens sterling silver wedding bands are a fantastic option for anyone on a budget who’s looking for a high-quality, great-looking band at a price that leaves cash to spare for the honeymoon. Often, the cost of a sterling silver style is just a fraction of the cost of the same style in white gold. Read more.

Despite their easy-on-the-wallet appeal, Apples of Golf’s mens sterling silver wedding bands are crafted with the same devotion to quality that applies to every piece of fine jewelry they sell. All of these rings are made from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality silver available for jewelry. This silver alloy is strong, long-lasting and can be polished to an eye-catching shine.

Apples of Gold’s mens sterling silver wedding bands prove that you don’t have to trade style for affordability. Silver jewelry is a favorite for many guys and wedding bands crafted from this metal coordinate seamlessly with many of today’s most popular pieces. While many gravitate toward sterling silver due to its resemblance to white gold, silver is a great-looking medium for jewelry regardless of its ability to imitate a classic wedding band metal.

Silver’s versatility is evident is sterling silver wedding rings, and Apples of Gold’s collection has a style for nearly any taste. For a rugged look, consider a hammered silver band. If you’d like a ring that includes pops of sparkle or color, take a look at a sterling silver band accented with gems such as diamonds or turquoise.

Celtic knots are featured in several of Apples of Gold’s mens sterling silver wedding bands. These popular intertwining motifs are considered by many to be symbols of eternity, and give a several styles a unique touch. Apple of Gold’s selection of mens sterling silver wedding bands also includes several personalized options, allowing you to create a ring that’s uniquely yours.

If silver sounds appealing, but you’re concerned about tarnishing, consider one of Apples of Gold’s argentium silver wedding bands. These rings are crafted from a special type of sterling silver that’s highly resistant to tarnish, as well as harder, more resistant to scratching and brighter in color than traditional sterling silver.

Whether silver wedding rings appeal to you for their affordability or their good looks, Apples of Gold’s collection of mens sterling silver wedding bands has the ring for you. Take a look to find one that fits your taste and your budget.

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