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Womens Titanium Wedding Bands

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Titanium may not be a traditional metal for wedding rings, but it’s quickly gaining popularity among lovers of jewelry that’s sleek, modern and strong. Titanium has several unique properties that make it an ideal metal to express enduring love and commitment. Read more.

Due to its exceptional strength, titanium is frequently used in airplanes and has even been utilized on the International Space Station. All of Apples of Gold’s titanium wedding bands are made from aircraft-grade metal and with a commitment to quality. Since titanium ranks even higher than steel in strength, it’s a fitting symbol of love that is solid—one that will not break, even under stress.

Titanium’s durability gives wedding rings that are crafted from it a strong resistance to scratching and an incredible ability to hold their shape. Like the promises you make at the altar, titanium wedding bands for women won’t be altered by the passing of time. They also won’t rust, tarnish or corrode. Titanium is a non-reactive metal, which means that the look it has now will still be the look it has decades from now—ideal for representing love that won’t fade or erode no matter how many years pass.

In spite of its strength, titanium won’t weigh you down. It weighs 50 percent less than steel, giving even sizeable styles the ability to almost float on your finger. Titanium wedding bands for women never feel heavy; they grace your finger with nearly gravity-defying ease.

For women with sensitive skin, titanium provides options that can be worn in comfort. Titanium wedding bands for women, like all titanium jewelry, are hypoallergenic and free of nickel. They won’t cause itching or irritation.

These titanium rings are also excellent choices for anyone on a budget. They’re considerably cheaper than white gold, but with a look and quality that’s anything but cheap. Whether you prefer a ring that’s classically polished or a up-to-the-minute brushed or oxidized finish, the bands are sophisticated, modern and spot-on stylish.

For those looking for a ring that’s bold and a little unusual, a number of titanium wedding bands showcase bursts of color, the result of an anodizing process that creates titanium oxide in hues such as blue and green. These colors cause engraved designs, such as Celtic knots and crosses, to jump out and immediately catch the eye.

Whether you choose it for its strength or for its looks, titanium won’t disappoint. Titanium wedding bands for women showcase durability, beauty and fortitude—all qualities of a love that lasts.

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