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Womens Celtic Rings

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Celtic knots are far from new, but Apples of Gold’s Celtic rings for women take these time-honored designs and turn them into statements perfect for today. While many women wear Celtic rings as symbols of their Irish heritage, women of all nationalities and backgrounds embrace these pieces for their beauty and meaning.

Why are Celtic knots—designs that have been around since at least the 5th Century AD—still popular today? First, they’re beautiful. These intricate motifs draw your eye in with a sense of grace and strength that’s unmatched by few other patterns, in jewelry or anywhere. Read more.

Secondly, they’re meaningful. While it’s not clear what Celtic knots originally symbolized, many people have adopted them as representations of eternity, with no beginning or end. Their continual curing designs never start or stop, forming complete loops that go on forever.

Apples of Gold’s collection of Celtic rings for women includes styles for a vast range of tastes. Celtic rings that feature filigree designs provide delicate looks while bold, angular styles give a modern edge to time-proven knots. Whether you prefer more feminine styles or those with a bolder sensibility, Apples of Gold’s collection of Celtic rings for women has a ring that fits your personal taste.

Two-tone Celtic rings add contrast and make the beauty of the knots they depict even more evident. For a pattern that really pops, take a look at titanium Celtic rings for women with colored inlays.

Although any ring can symbolize unending commitment through its circular shape, rings with Celtic designs can serve as particularly meaningful wedding bands. Their seamless, unending designs can represent love and commitment without end. In addition, woven and knotted Celtic designs easily symbolize the intertwining of two lives into one.

Although the designs featured in Celtic rings for women are more than a thousand years old, some of the metals they’re crafted from are considerably newer on the jewelry scene. In addition to white gold and yellow gold, rings made from platinum, rose gold and titanium allow you to pick the medium that best fits your taste and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for time-tested designs that can easily handle modern interpretations, pieces with more than average meaning or simply stylish rings, take a good look at Apples of Gold’s selection of Celtic rings for women. There’s a Celtic style for any taste, ready for you to adopt as your own symbol of eternity or object of beauty.

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