14K White Gold Wedding Bands

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14K White Gold Wedding Band Rings

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It’s no surprise that 14K white gold wedding bands are popular: its cool beauty is the perfect medium for styles of all kinds. Whether you’re drawn to looks that are simple or elaborate, old-fashioned or modern, you’re sure to find a ring that’s the perfect match for your taste. Read more.

Classic 14K white gold wedding bands are always in style for good reason: their simple yet powerful silhouettes complement any engagement rings and always look right, no matter what is trendy at the time. Whether you choose a traditional polished finish, a subtle brushed look or a combination of the two, these traditional styles demonstrate good taste both today and for decades to come. Or, for a textural update to classic styles, consider one of several hammered bands: their pounded look speaks of fine craftsmanship and refined style.

Diamonds give a glamorous feel to wedding bands and their unparalleled, colorless sparkle is gorgeously complemented by white gold. Choose a ring that’s accented with one, two or more than just a few for a look that says “forever.”

The past inspires several stunning 14K white gold wedding bands. Vintage designs that utilize the patterns of the past, such as floral and paisley motifs, prove that a century-old style can still catch eyes.

If you’d like your wedding ring to hold extra significance, Apples of Gold’s collection of 14K white gold wedding bands provides an array of options to help you make a statement, not only of your fashion sense, but also of the sense of honor that you give to your relationship. For example, braided designs symbolize the interweaving of two lives into one.

Celtic motifs also add significance to a number of styles. These designs have been used as adornments for over a thousand years, but they still make a beautiful impact today, and many have used them as symbols of eternity. With no beginning or end, Celtic knots can easily represent the unending nature of true love.

If you’d like to make a statement about your faith with your wedding band, consider a ring featuring crosses in one of many styles, from minimalistic to intricate. Or, choose one engraved with a Scripture verse that’s particularly meaningful to your relationship.

The cool, bright color of white gold makes it ideal for wide range of rings. No matter what style you’re drawn to, Apples of Gold’s collection of 14K white gold wedding bands has one that’s just right for you.

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