White Gold Wedding Bands for Women

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Womens White Gold Wedding Rings

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White gold is an incredibly versatile medium for jewelry and Apples of Gold’s selection of white gold wedding bands for women demonstrates the vast range of styles that can be beautifully interpreted in this metal. The cool, soft beauty of white gold adapts effortlessly to designs ranging from traditional to vintage to trendy. The beautiful simplicity of classic styles is seen in a number of traditional white gold wedding bands for women. These rings simply showcase the gorgeous glow of white gold, whether in a gleaming polished finish or a subdued brushed look. Read more.

Vintage white gold wedding bands for women capture the romanticism of times past in styles that are strikingly beautiful today. The patterns popular in the Victorian Era still make stunning statements and have proven that they can endure through any fads, making them ideal representations of a love that isn’t subject to a passing whim. Paisley patterns make their mark on several of these rings, adding a time-honored yet lively feel, while always-loved floral motifs give a feminine look that speaks of sophistication and grace.

As stunning as white gold wedding rings can be, they’re far from just fashion statements—they’re also symbols of the promises you make at the altar. Their circular shape is a picture of never-ending love and commitment and many of the bands in Apples of Gold’s collection add extra touches of symbolism to make them even more meaningful.

Celtic knots have added beauty and significance to jewelry for centuries, and they give both to a number of white gold women’s wedding bands. Many have adopted these interweaving, never-ending motifs as symbols of eternity, making them perfect for representing an affection that will last forever. Choose a ring that’s been intricately engraved with a Celtic design for a more subtle look, a modern interpretation or a three-dimensional knot for a unique picture of lasting love.

Apples of Gold also carries a range of white gold wedding bands for women looking to make a statement about their faith. From rings that place a cross front and center to bands engraved with Scripture, these styles will never fail to remind you that your love is a gift from God.

White gold is a favorite medium for wedding jewelry and Apples of Gold’s collection of white gold wedding bands for women makes it easy to see why. These rings take on designs for every taste, letting you express your style and your love.

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