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Mens White Gold Wedding Rings

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White Gold Wedding Bands for Men »

White gold is a top pick for wedding jewelry and Apples of Gold’s collection of white gold wedding bands for men caters to this preference by providing a wide selection of styles for nearly any taste. The cool, soft color of white gold adapts effortlessly to nearly any style. If you’d prefer a classic look, Apples of Gold’s collection of white gold wedding bands for men delivers. Simples rings, whether in a highly polished finish or a soft, modern brushed look are unfussy, but ultimately classy. Bands like these are always fitting, no matter what trends come and go. Read more.

For a ring that’s minimalistic but not as traditional, try a ring with an updated silhouette, such as a squared-off shape or a concave curve. These modern looks are simple yet edgy, perfect for any fan of sleek style.

Celtic designs make their mark on a number of white gold wedding bands for men. These knots, which have been around since the 5th Century AD, have been adopted by many as representations of eternity. Without beginning or end, these motifs can communicate love that lasts forever. Whether with a highly polished or an antiqued finish, these designs add significance and time-honored style to rings that are already laden with meaning.

Hammered white gold wedding bands for men add rugged yet refined texture to classic silhouettes. These pounded rounded and flat bands, available in a variety of widths, are a popular pick for men looking for a ring that exhibits fine craftsmanship and that will stand the test of time.

Woven designs stylishly illustrate a simple but powerful concept: when two lives are woven together, they become stronger that either could be alone. Bands wrapped with braids serve as continual reminders of the strength you have when you’re joined with the one you love.

Several of Apples of Gold’s white gold wedding bands for men provide you with unique means to express your faith and show that it’s central to your love. Rings that feature crosses, in styles from antique to modern, serve as reminders both of the sacrifice that was make for all people and of the sacrifice that’s a part of a love that puts the other person first.

No matter what your taste, there’s a white gold ring to match. Apples of Gold’s collection of white gold weddings bands for men has just ring to express your style and your love.

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