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Black Diamond Engagement Ring

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Deep, dark, and dazzling, black diamond engagement rings are changing the face of traditional wedding jewelry. Though the white, colorless diamond is a perennial favorite, its black counterpart has an allure that has many women claiming that ‘black is the new white’. Read more.

Made from the very same material as a white diamond, black diamonds are true diamonds that get their color from the process of heat-treating. Intense temperatures darken the color of the stone and alter the internal composition of the diamond. Instead of refracting light, as in the case of a colorless white diamond, the stone now absorbs it. The result is a deep, rich ebony gem that still maintains the diamond characteristics of superior hardness and durability, but is remarkably transformed in appearance.

Why choose a black stone? While we would never say that a colorless diamond is anything less than stunning, many women simply desire something with a little color and flair. The black diamond is undoubtedly bold and daring, yet simultaneously elegant and feminine. There is nothing like a black diamond engagement ring to put a little pizazz on your finger, not to mention, capture the attention of all who see it. Who could resist gazing at such a unique and unexpected marvel?

Many of the classic Apples of Gold engagement ring settings are available to pair with black diamonds—the only thing that changes is the color of the stone. Favorite styles to highlight this gem include the art deco setting, the vintage antique-style wedding sets, and the black diamond solitaire. These settings are designed to bring out the richness of the stone and create a ring that still looks very much like traditional wedding jewelry. Our black diamond engagement rings are also fully customizable—you choose the size of the stone, the setting’s metal, and whether or not to purchase the engagement ring alone or as part of a wedding set.

One last factor that adds to the attractiveness of black diamond engagement rings is affordability. Black diamonds, though certainly no less beautiful than a colorless diamond, are often available at a fraction of the price. Combined with the Apples of Gold commitment to ethical pricing, you have a ring that you’ll love forever at a price you can afford now.

For unexpected beauty that never fails to capture the delight of the wearer, black diamond engagement rings are a brilliant choice.

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