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Black and white diamond rings are the perfect combination of timeless style and modern sophistication. They’re proof that when it comes to gemstones, opposites attract.

White diamonds have long been sought after for their unmatched sparkle and brilliance. In contrast, black diamonds are relative newcomers on the jewelry scene. They offer a polish that’s poised to become a new classic, as well as a look that hints at mystery and intrigue.

Black diamonds come in two varieties: naturally occurring and treated. Naturally occurring black diamonds are very rare and, as a result, very expensive. Black diamonds that take on their color through a laboratory treatment process are much more affordable. Through heat or irradiation, naturally-occurring white diamonds are given a deep, rich shade of ebony—they’re not “fake” diamonds in any way.
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When these two stones are put side by side in black and white diamond rings, the effect is nothing less than stunning. Each stones complements the other, making the unique properties of both more pronounced. Just as a black and white photograph can provide eye-catching contrast, these styles draw attention in all the right ways.

Which color is the star of your ring is up to you. Apples of Gold carries black and white diamond rings that put the focus on each stone, letting you choose just how far you want your gemstone choice to stray from tradition. Several styles let black diamonds steal the show, accented by numerous sparking white diamonds. Other designs reverse these roles, placing white diamonds on center stage with black diamonds serving as strong supporting players.

Three-stone rings are a popular way to pair black and white diamonds, but your style options don’t end there. Modern designs depicting flowers or woven motifs give an even more contemporary edge to an up-to-the minute combination.

Black and white diamond rings can serve as unique engagement rings, as they give the time-honored engagement ring stone a modern, classy twist. They’re a fantastic option to express a love that’s one of a kind. The two complimentary stones are a perfect picture of two lives complementing and bringing out the best in one another.

Whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or a piece of jewelry that makes a classic yet contemporary statement, black and white diamond rings fit the bill. Their high-contrast looks stand out from the crowd, and there’s no denying their sophisticated style—it’s written in black and white.

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