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Blue Diamonds are a Girl’s Next Best Friend!

blue diamondsIf white diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then blue diamonds surely stand next in line, and vie closely for the heart.

There are two kinds of blue diamonds: ones that occur naturally in nature and one that start out as white diamonds but are irradiated (heat & pressure treated) to obtain their fancy blue hue.

The first, the naturally occurring blue diamond, is so rare that it can hardly be found on the market; the second, the irradiated blue diamond, while still not easy to find, is made available to the general consumer at an affordable price.

Apples of Gold offers treated blue diamonds for just less than the price of a traditional white diamond.

How Does It Work 

Blue diamonds start out as 100% genuine, white, natural diamonds–the same that you would buy for any traditional diamond engagement ring. Albeit, they start out somewhat more yellowish in color. Since they are going to be treated in the end, why take a D or F Color white diamond and turn it blue? That would be sacrilegious. Instead, let’s start with a K Color diamond that can be obtained for less, but one with a good clarity rating (a diamond without too many inclusions), and apply heat and pressure to change its color to blue.

The process of irradiation mimics the naturally occurring forces of nature. The same ages-old process that it would take to create a naturally occurring blue diamond is recreated to turn your diamond blue, except that the process is quickened through pressure and extraordinary heat. 

Blue diamond designs 

Apples of Gold offers a variety of fashionable ring settings that enrich the diamond’s blue hues in 14k white and yellow gold. There is the traditional blue diamond solitaire ring, the Art Deco blue diamond ring, or the Three Stone Blue Diamond Ring. Take your pick! And while you’re at it, peruse all of Apples of Gold’s blue diamond rings until you find the perfect selection.

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