What are Black Diamonds? 

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art deco black diamond ringBlack diamonds are popping up on rings and pendants or many kinds, but many who wear them aren’t sure of what they are and what makes them special. Can you answer the question, “What are black diamonds?”

There are two varieties of black diamonds; those that occur naturally and white diamonds that have been treated to give them a deep, rich color. Naturally occurring black diamonds are quite rare, and as a result, very expensive. In the 18th century, the Portuguese called these black diamonds “Carbonados,” which means “carbonized” or “burned.” They weren’t that far from the truth. Like traditional diamonds, they’re a form of carbon; however they have a different carbon isotope. Scientists debate exactly how black diamonds are formed, which seem fitting for a stone that gives a look of intrigue and mystery.

In contrast, black diamonds that get their color from a lab rather than nature are relatively affordable. Through a heat or irradiation treatment, white diamonds take on the same dark color as naturally occurring black diamonds. However, this doesn’t mean that these black diamonds are “fake”—they’re white diamonds found in nature, not manufactured stones. Apples of Gold’s black diamond rings features such stones, providing you with accessible choices in styles form understated to bold.

Since black diamonds absorb light rather than reflect it, their luster comes from their polished surface. At first glance, a black diamond might look at bit like an onyx, but it’s so much more.

2 carat black diamond solitaire ringBlack is the basic of basics. It goes with everything and women praise it for its ability to make them look good. A black diamond isn’t just a gemstone that you pull out when it happens to match your outfit. These versatile stones coordinate with any color, and can be worn every day without missing a beat.

Black diamonds may not be the first stone that comes to mind when you think of wedding jewelry, but they’re an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings. Stand-alone solitaires allow this stone to take center stage, and it always gives a flawless performance. Styles that combine black and white diamonds provide stunning contrast and undeniable class by pairing an up-and-coming classic with a tried and true traditional stone.

The question “What are black diamonds?” can be answered in number of ways, but it’s best answered by those who love this unique, versatile gem. They’ll tell you that it’s a sophisticated choice that’s perfect for any occasion. Black Diamonds are unconventional but instantly classic, and black diamond rings are destined to become a unique staple of many a jewelry collection.

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