Black Wedding Bands 

black wedding bandsBlack might be considered a basic, but when it comes to jewelry, black can be also be cutting-edge. Black wedding bands feature modern designs and unconventional metals, offering a selection of rings for anyone looking for a piece that’s current and a little out of the ordinary.

A popular example of black wedding bands is Apples of Gold’s Black titanium wedding bands. Steadily growing in popularity, they have become sought-after choices for those whole like an up-to-date take on the classic symbol of commitment. Titanium is sleek, lightweight and extremely strong. It’s commonly used in aircraft, but it’s also growing in popularity as a medium for jewelry, not only for its looks and strength but also for its affordability—it costs significantly less than many other metals commonly used in jewelry such as gold or platinum.

Apples of Gold’s Black Titanium Wedding Band is incredibly sleek and exudes extraordinary shine. The off-center blank channeled grove puts a spotlight on the sheen of this ring, which is available in both a polished and a satin finish. The special epoxy resin blend that gives this ring its luster also provides it with an extra dose of durability. It’s simple, but its strong design draws all the right kinds of attention.

Apples of Gold’s Black Titanium Celtic Wedding Band features a seamless Celtic hourglass design. Its unbroken pattern symbolizes eternity, making it unique way to communicate that your love is forever. The black inlay stands out in sharp, stunning contrast against the grey titanium band. This style is bold, meaningful and one of a cobalt cross wedding band

Cobalt is also used in black wedding rings. Like titanium, this metal is also very strong and offers significant financial savings. It’s shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and can be polished to an incredibly high luster. The Cobalt Maltese Black Diamond Cross Ring from Benchmark brand (available at features a double dose of black as round, ideal-cut diamonds embellish the center of each of its six carved Maltese crosses. Its burnished, antiqued finish gives it a rough yet refined look that’s simultaneously old and up to the minute.

Black wedding bands come in styles from sleek to antiqued, but all of them share several common traits. They’re strong, not only in the metals they’re made of but in the designs they contain, and they’re built to last for years to come. The modern edge of these rings is a unique way to say “I do” that’s both cutting-edge and created to shine for the long haul.

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