Unique Wedding Bands for Women 

unique wedding bands for womenYour love isn’t run of the mill and the wedding rings you choose doesn’t have to be either. A wide selection of unique wedding bands for women makes it possible for you to find a ring that makes a statement about both your love and your style.

Several of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for women stand out because of the extra touches of significance they add to the traditional symbol of eternity intrinsic in every wedding ring. They’re subtle yet powerful reminders of the promises you’ll make at the altar, expressing unending unity and commitment:

  • The Two Halves One Flesh Wedding Band Ring combines white and yellow gold to symbolize two lives melding into one with clean, modern style. It’s also available in platinum and 18K gold.
  • Celtic knots also add meaning to several unique wedding bands for women, such as the Celtic Knot Wedding Band for Apples of Gold’s Celtic collection. Although the original meaning of these seamless designs is unknown, they’ve long been used as symbols of eternity, making them ideally suited for jewelry that represents unending devotion.unique wedding bands for women
  • Braided Wedding Bands demonstrate the strength that results when two cords—representing two lives—are woven together. These rings show that the two of you are more resilient together that you are apart.

Some of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for women clearly communicate your connection with your spouse with one-of-a-kind engraving:

  • The “I am Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine” wedding band beautifully engraves a verse from Song of Songs on the outside, rather than the inside, of the ring. This flat band with graceful script is a daily reminder that marriage brings two lives together, joining them into one.
  • Apples of Gold’s Wedding Vow Rings look like typical wedding bands, but they hold a meaningful surprise: your wedding vows engraved inside. Choose from one of the vows on our list or one of your own to create a ring that will continually remind you of your commitment.

Several of Apples of Gold’s unique wedding bands for women are true standouts for their exceptional artistry. The Floral Leaf Diamond Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is a prime example. It features an exquisite overlapping leaf design bordered by a two bands of stunning diamonds.

Your relationship is like no other, and unique wedding bands for women beautifully demonstrate that. Each one communicates love and devotion in its own way, allowing you to find one that’s the perfect fit.

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