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Veterans Day jewelry discount everydayHappy Veteran’s Day from Apples of Gold! Today we pause to honor the millions of men and women who’ve served in the U.S. military, as well as their families, who sacrifice at home while their loved ones are away. Thank you for your service, your selflessness and your sacrifice.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll offered a touching prayer this Veterans Day, thanking God for those who have served and asking Him to uphold them and the many who are currently serving in the military. Here’s how he began:

“You are so good, our Father, to give us men and women of whom the world is not worthy, faithful servants who once wore the uniform and for the brave warriors who still do in many parts of our world. With their families, we pray today for their safe return; we pray for their courageous acts, for their sacrificial service. Watch over all of the families of those who are so many miles away from them. We give You our thanks for keeping us and sustaining us through hardship . . . and for comforting those through suffering and serious illnesses and disabilities. We ask, our Father, that You hold those families together who grieve the loss of their loved one who perished in conflict.” US Marines Cross Pendant in 14K Gold

We echo his prayer: we have been truly blessed by our veterans! That’s why we want to give back to them: Every veteran who shares his or her story with us is eligible for a 15 percent discount. If you’re a veteran, all you need to do to take advantage of this discount is email us at and share a little bit about your experience in the armed forces or what made you decide to serve. You’ll not only get 15 percent off any jewelry order—whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band, or just looking for a piece that catches your eye—you’ll also get free shipping! It’s one small way that we can say thank you to you for serving on our behalf, protecting the freedoms with which we are blessed.

This discount also extends to our collection of military jewelry, which includes several unique pendants that combine a symbol of faith with reminders of those who serve. For example, the U.S. Marines Cross Pendant in 14K Gold places a United States Marines medallion in the center of a cross that’s been adorned with Celtic motifs. Similar styles are available for other branches.

US Army Sterling Silver Dog Tag Necklace with EnamelAnd, don’t miss the newest additions to our military jewelry collection: sterling silver dog tags, such as the U.S. Army Sterling Silver Dog Tag Necklace with Enamel. Crafted from top-quality polished .925 sterling silver, this 1 5/16”-high dog tag is accented with a United States Army logo that pops from the shining backdrop in green enamel.

To all who have served, thank you! You are worthy of our deepest gratitude and honor, and it’s our privilege to hear your stories. Get in touch with us at  to share your story and get a great discount!

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