Silver Pendants to Honor the Veterans Who Serve Us 

In 1954, President Eisenhower stated in his Veterans Day Declaration, “On that day let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of all those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, and on foreign shores, to preserve our heritage of freedom, and let us reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace so that their efforts shall not have been in vain.” This Veterans Day, don’t forget to say thank you to those in your life who have sacrificed much so that we can enjoy freedom. One meaningful way to recognize their service is with a piece of patriotic jewelry.

IU.S. Army Cross Pendant in Sterling Silvern addition to pieces that feature flags or those with red, white and blue gemstones, sterling silver pendants that feature the symbol of particular branch of the military are a meaningful way to honor a particular serviceperson. At just over an inch high, the United States Air Force Medallion Charm in Sterling Silver is a strong declaration of your support for those who serve in the air. Or, choose a similar pendant to pay homage to members of the navy or the marines.

Faith is essential for many military families as loved ones must entrust one another to God while they must be apart. The U.S. Army Cross Pendant in Sterling Silver honors the essential nature of faith when putting it all on the line. This unique sterling silver pendant places a medallion engraved with the U.S. army seal in the middle of a cross accented with a Celtic motif, making it a fitting picture of faith that is only made stronger when it’s tested, and that has carried countless servicemen and women through desperate times.

Veterans Day can also be a time to honor the veterans of tomorrow, as well as the families who sacrifice so that they can serve our country. After all, they’re the veterans of tomorrow! Consider recognizing them with a piece of jewelry that honors the gift that they and their families give on our behalf.

Sterling Silver Military Dog Tag Pendant with Prayer Inscription for TwoThe Sterling Silver Military Dog Tag Pendant with Prayer Inscription for Two is a powerful reminder of the connection between military members and those they love, even when they’re apart. Together this set of two pendants forms a single dog tag, a symbol of two lives that are joined as one. Only when both halves are present can the inscription be read: “May the Lord keep watch between us to make sure that we keep this covenant when we are out of each other’s sight.” Adapted from Genesis 31:49—“May the Lord watch between you and me when we are absent one from another”—this set communicates that the wearer of each half holds the other in his or her heart until the two are reunited. Each half comes with an 18” sterling silver chain so this pair is ready to wear.

Don’t let this Veterans Day go by without honoring the veterans—present and future—in your life! Be sure to say thank you and consider showing your support with a silver pedant that recognizes their service.

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