What is 925 Sterling Silver? 

925 sterling silver

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From tiny studs to bold pendants to new twists on traditional wedding rings, silver is an increasingly popular medium for jewelry of all types. But, what is .925 silver jewelry and why is it so widely worn?

For those looking for the perfect combination of style and affordability, .925 silver jewelry is hard to beat. It combines a light color similar to that of white gold, with a greatly reduced price tag compared to many other metals used in jewelry. A ring or pendant made of sterling silver often costs just a third or even less than a comparable style made of white gold.

Every piece of Apples of Gold’s silver jewelry is crafted from .925 sterling silver. The number “.925” signifies the percentage of silver that’s present: 92.5 percent. This is the highest concentration of silver that’s used in jewelry, making .925 silver the purest silver available to adorn your finger, neck or wrist. Fine silver (that which is almost completely pure) is too soft to be used for jewelry, but when it’s combined with other metals, it can become a much more durable alloy. Copper is the most commonly used metal for the other 7.5 percent, but other metals are sometimes used, including germanium, zinc and platinum.

The versatility of .925 silver jewelry is evident in the wide variety of styles in Apples of Gold’s silver jewelry collection. Sterling silver adapts effortlessly to beads, bracelets, rings, pendants, chains and even wedding bands. It’s widely used in jewelry staples such as hoop earrings and chains, but it’s just as at home in unique cross pendants, bold cuffs, gemstone rings and one-of-a-kind personalized pieces. In many ways, .925 silver jewelry is a “jack of all trades,” able to shine in numerous applications.friend sterling silver pendant

Argentium silver is a specific type of sterling silver that contains germanium in place of the majority of the copper that’s added to create most sterling silver. This distinct composition makes argentium silver stronger and more durable than other sterling silver; it also makes it resistant to tarnish and very easy to care for. Several of Apples of Gold’s wedding bands feature argentium silver—its strength and brilliant, lasting shine made it a fitting material for rings made to symbolize lifelong commitment.

For its versatility and its affordability, .925 silver jewelry is a winning choice. Sterling silver isn’t just a stand-in for white gold—it’s a durable, beautiful metal in its own right.

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