Sterling Silver Wedding Bands 

sterling silver wedding bandsSterling silver jewelry is an extremely popular choice for both men and women, and the same qualities that make it a top pick for everyday jewelry also make it an excellent option for wedding rings.  Sterling Silver Wedding Bands are available in styles for every taste and, due to sterling silver’s notorious affordability, for nearly any budget.

Sterling silver wedding bands are beautiful and budget-friendly. Many styles cost just a third of what a comparable style in white gold would cost, allowing you to buy a ring you love without draining your bank account.

However, despite their easy-on-the-wallet appeal, Apples of Gold’s sterling silver wedding bands aren’t cheap. They’re made from .925 sterling silver, the highest quality available for jewelry. Pure silver is too soft on its own to be practical for jewelry, but when combined with small amounts of other metals to make sterling silver, it becomes a durable alloy. It holds its shape well and is often a good choice for individuals whose jewelry tends to take a beating.
Traditional wedding ring styles, as well as classics with a twist, translate well to sterling silver. For example:
sterling silver wedding band

• The Sterling Silver Floral Vine Wedding Band is set in the center band are overlapping leaves, carved steadily for the ideal rendering of a wreath.

• The “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is Mine” Wedding Band inscribes a verse from Song of Songs on a flat polished band. Its message is a reminder of two lives joining into one.

• The Silver Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band has precise lines of silver which drape over the band and are tied to create heart shapes throughout.

Sterling Silver is also the perfect material for unique designs that push the boundaries of traditional wedding band style, such as the Organic Leaf Imprinted Spinner Ring. Three rings of hammered high-polish silver spin around the oxidized silver surface of this piece, for a playful yet sophisticated touch. An imprinted leaf design makes this ring a beautifully out-of-the-ordinary choice for a wedding band. The affordability of sterling silver makes it an ideal medium for artisans, and several of Apples of Gold’s sterling silver wedding bands demonstrate its appeal for those who love handcrafted designs:

• The Sterling Silver I Love You Ring is stamped with a message of love on the inside and features a hammered finish on the outside. This style is handcrafted by an artist on the island of Maui, making it truly one of a kind.

sterling silver love wedding band• The Sterling Silver Speckled Blue Topaz Band is handcrafted in Israel, and showcases eight blue topaz stones in a polished band.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, simple style or a handmade piece of wearable art, sterling silver wedding bands offer affordable options. They’re the perfect choice for the couple on a budget or for any couple looking for durable, fashionable designs.

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