18k Gold Cross Pendant 

18K Gold Cross PendantApples of Gold’s 18K Gold Cross Pendant isn’t just a step above other 18k gold cross pendants—it’s on an entirely different level.  Its clean lines, high quality and straightforward refinement set it apart from other men’s crosses.

While its style is simple, it’s this very simplicity of design that gives this pendant a distinct edge. Its unembellished strength makes it the ideal masculine cross; clean lines create a sleek sensibility and understated elegance. Designs like this having the staying power to defy trends; the classic look of the 18k gold cross pendant will never go out of style.

The cross is an incredibly powerful symbol, representing the sacrifice that rocked eternity, offering true freedom for all men. The strong form of this cross is a fitting picture of the gravity of Christ’s sacrifice.  It only makes sense that a symbol carrying this much figurative weight should have some physical heft, and this piece weighs in at approx. 9.0 grams: up to three times the weight of many other 18k gold cross pendants. This is serious, thought-out jewelry, not a mere costume piece.

The Apples of Gold 18k gold cross pendant also stands out for its depth. It’s not a gold cross cutout, but rather a three-dimensional shape with depth you can see and feel. From every angle, it’s a standout. Unlike the majority of gold crosses on the market today, which are flat or hollow, this piece is crafted from solid 18k gold—not gold and air.

Like all of Apples of Gold’s jewelry, only the finest materials go into this pendant. It’s a piece of lasting quality and value. The gold is polished to a high shine that calls attention not only to its style but also to its top-notch craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a piece of quality that can serve as a personalized keepsake, look no further. This pendant can be engraved on either side, making it ideal to pass on to future generations. It’s a wonderful symbol of a legacy of faith, today and for years to come.18k gold cross

The 18k gold cross pendant is truly unique, not only in its style and makeup, but also in its exclusivity. It’s made only by Apples of Gold—you won’t find it anywhere else.

There’s a reason that the 18k gold cross pendant is Apples of Gold’s bestselling men’s cross pendant. This classic statement of faith is also a statement of quality, strength and timeless refinement.

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